The new religion: conspiracy theories


Conspiracy theories. We’ve seen them on social media or had someone convince us to believe them at face value. They come in all flavors. The moon landing was faked, yet somehow all the Russian and non-American astrophysicists weren’t able to pick up on this scam. The earth is flat even though we’ve known since at least Aristotle that it’s round. Beneath the Denver International Airport there’s a colony of flesh-eating human lizards determined to enslave the human race. And, if you look very carefully, these reptile humanoids like Madonna, Barack Obama, Angelina Jolie, involuntarily shapeshift from human to reptile to human again. Conspiracy theorists now claim that 5G transmits the coronavirus.

Why would anyone believe these stories? A recent study in the Journal of Applied Research in Memory and Cognition sheds some light. Evidence is provided that delusion-prone, narrow-minded individuals and religious fundamentalists are more likely to believe conspiracy theories (CT) as long as these theories mirror their particular worldview. If you were brought up in an environment that loathes the Western World, it is easier to believe the CT that AIDS was created in the US and Europe to kill black and brown people. This is why a CT believer doesn’t believe all theories out there, he’s selective.

CTs aim to calm the human fear of the unknown and come up with non-scientific reasoning of what seems to be unexplainable. These theories were never meant to find the truth, but to give us a temporary sense of relief from the distress in our lives. A brutal dictator may want to promote the theory that the abject poverty in his country is not due to his own mismanagement, but a result of blood-drinking human reptiles.

Proponents of these theories want to control the behaviors of their victims and push their own political or ideological agendas. CTs can wreak havoc on society. We’ve seen that with the destruction of 5G antennas, a surge in measles, the recent Pittsburg synagogue massacre, killing of albino children in some parts of Africa and many more.

CTs are not unlike religions. In ancients times, people invented a god to explain things people didn’t understand. Different societies, each with a different set of experiences and explanations had different god(s). They were never interested in the scientific truth. We’re seeing the same thing happening as conspiracy theories permeate in larger sections of societies. CTs are taking on the role of religion and they are feeding fundamentalist beliefs.

Like religions, CTs don’t just emerge in a vacuum. They aim to simplify things and provide believers with a sense of reassurance in a fast changing world. We should avoid belittling them but at the same time we can’t afford to ignore CTs. They have become too mainstream now. What can truth seekers do? Confront all believers with factual evidence (fact checking). But caution, it may not work, especially when dealing with fanatics who blindly believe what they want to believe.

Willemstad, Curaçao


Author: alexdavidrosaria

Alex Rosaria is from Curaçao. He has a MBA from University of Iowa. He was Member of Parliament, Minister of Economic Affairs, State Secretary of Finance and United Nations Development Programme Officer in Africa and Central America. He is an independent consultant active in Asia and the Pacific.

7 thoughts on “The new religion: conspiracy theories”

  1. You are completely right Alex. I have been following the development of the “truth” movement for many years. Internet and in particular YouTube has become the temple of CTs where they communicate and organise themselves. I have seen the Flat Earth movement develop in this way since their humble beginnings. Another icon in this growing community is David Icke, the godfather of the Reptillian theory. His support has massively grown in the past years. If you look what is the common denominator of all CTers, it is a sense of belonging missing in their lifes. They want to be or feel special either by having knowledge over some subject the general public does not know about, or by giving meaning to their life from that perspective. It is a dangerous development in society because it unauthorized the thrust in science and the specialists that develop it. It leads for example to rejection of medication on irrational grounds. Another trend is to question with a diabolic background resonance the filantropic lifeworks of people like Bill Gates. David Icke his lifework of classifying him as a reptillian starts to pay of since mainstream and rational people starting to feel conspicuous about these people. This is not in the interest of humanity and ultimately will lead to clanning and further regression of society. A very yet inconspicuous trend, but very dangerous on the longer term. I appreciate you for bringing this to the attention in your blog. Thanks.

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    1. I grew up (in the US) listing to CTs like “Elvis is alive”, which was untrue but it didn’t harm anyone. CTs today are scary and have dire consequences for all of us. Thank you for your input.


  2. First of all, I think @Tony van Sprang and @Alex David Rosaria are ignorant. Comes from the Latin word ignoramus. meaning an idiot, and ass, those who willingly deny the truth. Tell me what is right or wrong, good or bad, what is love? what is spirit? what is the truth? what is morality? it is not that subjective as you think. Because they programmed you to think that everybody has their own truth… does that make it so? how do we define these? You don’t understand these concepts fully (science either by the way, hopefully, they will get there), but you do have an opinion based on what? Your MBA? Or ‘status’ in parliament? It requires different kinds of study, not David Icke (even though he has some sound points in those matters), or the like to ascend to higher Consciousness. But, you cannot study because you are busy “enslaving” the country you are a member of.

    Religion, (Democratic) Political Systems, Money, and the Religion of Scientism are all together sleeping in the same bed. They are all belief systems, even though I can hear you think that Science is not Religion…well the science of these days IS. Darwinism is an example… you have to believe that sh*t… because nobody eye-witnessed the total evolution of mankind… Politics is a belief system… yea… because I have to believe that you truly love me to even f*cking care… do you? I am not a believer, I KNOW.

    This is the conclusion of a mind that has been triggered to think – *objectively* … I hope you learn something… are you ready? this is a little story in love to spark your thoughts…

    Tula and Bajan Karpata (Yes I did my research. @Tony van Sprang, have you ever heard of these two?), worked on the field of their “master”. Their “master” told them what to do. At the end of the day, they have no choice but to give their master 100% of their hard-earned labor. They call this – slavery. It is a condition of men where they have no choice, but to do what their so-called “master” told them to do. Fast forward to today… you go to work and at the end of the month, your employer gives you only 60% or 70% of your hard-earned salary. Does the Government ask you for this? Is this not stealing? If I take something without permission or coerce/manipulate someone to give, is it not stealing? This is the same in principle. This is also slavery in a “Democratic” suit. Now they take away only 30%-40% and call it freedom. Do I have the choice to not pay this? Well, I do… but now you come and collect with the full force of violence, of the Police state, as though you are the owner of something that a supreme Being gave me – which is my body. So, questions… does authority exists? or is this a mental creation of evil psychopaths?

    And I am the crazy one.


      1. thank you. This is the last message I am going to give you. After this, I will be gone forever. My job is to deliver to you this message, and you are free not to reply:

        The CT effects are because the public is starting to embrace the idea of freedom. They sense that there is something wrong. Even though they cannot pinpoint it yet. This is just for a little while.

        Make not decisions solely on logic and fear, but let love guide. In all logical decisions, care. The new world will become a world without a government not without rules. the sole idea of government is an idea of slaves. The rules of government are a weight too severely on the public. There is no need for “masters” in the world. Technology will be a great part of this change. Technology should be used to support humanity in freedom. Not enslavement and privacy infringement. All this is beautiful, but with the ever understanding that we are absolutely free and should stay absolutely free – forever. This is the evolution of mankind.

        teach the children (and adults for that matter) morality – which at the core is to respect their own and other’s freedom at all costs and to not steal.

        You will be supported in this. if your heart decides to align with this request, the “invisible” hand will aid you continually. It is a task of no small thing, but absolutely not impossible.

        Set your people free – this is the message.

        I am with Legions.


  3. I’m going to very short for not waisting too much time.
    1. Science. The irony is that you use and depend on the scientific method and its fruits for your modern convenient life style and health. The very technology you use for this communication is based and produced by what you call scientism.

    2. Once there was a guy named Jim Jones (do your research) who had a suspicuous congruent thought pattern to you. Find out how that ended.

    3. Last but not least. According to you we are all brainwashed and enslaved, following your mental projection. Your childish brainwave patterns produce the rebel without a cause adult that you seem to be. You cannot make a distinction between living for yourself and living in a structured synergetic community. You have a choice for that. Live “off the grid”. It will make you a very happy person.


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